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MERCH Services

Create your own line of clothing
  • We will assist you in choosing textiles and printing techniques.
  • We will print the designs you provide or we will help you create them!
  • The textiles can be additionally branded, with your company’s label or a dedicated packaging.
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Clothing as designed by you

We will create any project you bring us. Nothing is impossible. We made it happen many times before. See for yourself.

How does it work?

1. The Request. We discuss the types of textiles, the volume of the order, as well as the design and placement of the print.

2. The Offer. We present to you options for the production.

3. The File Transfer. We receive your graphic design created according to the specifications or we create one for you.

4. The Simulation. We create a specialized visualization of the product you ordered with your design projected on it.

5. The Preview Print. We create a prototype of your accepted product, so you can see the outcome.

6. The Printing Process. We proceed with the printing, completing the process without engaging the client side.