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We will guide you all the way through the textile printing process in a user-friendly way, without dwelling on technicalities.

Just like in Silicon Valley…

Our brand was created in 2006 – completely from scratch, with one hand-held printer and a minimal budget. Today, our team includes over 30 people. We have a solid machine park at our disposal with the capacity to print 100,000 t-shirts every week.

In 2017, with the use of screen printing we created 242,000 branded T-shirts for one of the world's leading companies in the automotive industry. Since then we have been delivering the largest orders in Europe.

We collaborated with our logistic partners to send the shipment out according to detailed specifications. Our products reached Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Span, and Bulgaria.

The printing process lasted 2.5 weeks and from the moment the order was placed, the entire contract was completed in 3 weeks.

We offer our clients a personalized ordering process and access to a state-of-the-art machine park. All this to guarantee printed clothing tailored to your needs.

Every day we work with companies like yours as well as marketing, events, or merchandising agencies.

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Fabrics and certificates

We print on cotton, polyester, and organic alternatives. Each type of fabric is indicated with a proper certificate or symbol. This helps you make an informed choice and advance your CRS objectives focused on human rights and environmental sustainability.